The Suzuki GSX-S1000F (faired version) unveiled

Following the unveiling of the GSX-S1000 super-naked for next year, Suzuki also pulled the wraps off a new F variant.

Using the same long-stroke architecture of the revered GSX-R1000 K5 engine, famed for it’s strong lowdown and midrange torque and power, the motor gets new internals to further improve usability and power. There’s also a new oil cooler, air cooler and exhaust system.

All this is housed in an all-new lightweight frame – lighter than the current GSX-R1000 frame – and wrapped in a newly styled fairing for added wind protection. It also comes with Renthal FatBars as standard fitment too and Brembo Monobloc calipers.

As with the naked version, a new, three-mode traction control system comes as standard, along with optional ABS.10622802_718350118244649_4979928691883579290_n 10306473_718350111577983_3631098274477876950_n 10632568_718350104911317_3724945124891351534_n 10320500_718350144911313_2525468643905906956_n 10676338_718350188244642_2743467963431347440_n 10580045_718350218244639_420929657921755237_n 10520518_718350251577969_1869392593937157250_n 10411243_718350238244637_5591097366655478320_n