5 reasons why we love living with the Honda Africa Twin for two years

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Title: 5 reasons why we love living with the Honda Africa Twin for two years
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Published Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 08:51:45 +0000

If you had unlimited money, all the time in the world, and your choice of a bike to ride, which trip would you take and which one would you take?

It’s the kind of question that is regularly debated at Adventure cyclistwhich means I can safely say my answer. I would travel the world in a near-perfect loop, something like that Long drive around The trip became famous in 2004, with slight distractions to traverse Japan, America’s west coast, and Morocco. And I would do anything with the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

For regular APR Readers who have been keeping an eye on our long-term garage updates, my answer is hardly surprising. After almost two years and well over 10,000 miles in Great Britain with both variants of the Africa Twin, the touring Adventure Sports and the standard model, it has proven to be an extremely powerful adventure bike.

But beyond that, the Honda took advantage of the unconscious urge that drives me to load up my bags and explore the world on two wheels. I loved having both versions of the bike in my garage, one after the other, and the day the Japanese manufacturer finally takes the keys from me is going to be a really sad one.

Before that day comes I thought I’d give you the five reasons I think either of the Africa Twins would make a great bike for your next adventure.

Mile-eating ability

Honda Africa Twin in Scotland

Since the trips abroad were quickly taken off the cards a month after I first got the keys to the adventure sports, I have not yet realized my dream of using them on Romania’s Transfăgărăşan or the desert roads of Morocco. Instead, I made an effort to explore the UK and was fortunate enough to spin my bikes north and travel to Scotland’s NC500 in 2020 where I discovered the bike excelled as a road tourer.

At freeway speed it sits like a barnacle on the road, undeterred by cross winds or the turbulent air of trucks, and drives happily at speeds up to and even beyond. The huge 25L fuel tank means it will last all day and give you a range of 300 miles if I’m careful to drive efficiently.

Life in the saddle is also comfortable and offers a relaxed seating position for six feet and sufficient weather protection. If I regularly have big days, I would find a comfort seat in the accessories catalog, but overall the Africa Twin is an extremely powerful and comfortable kilometer eater.

In terms of passenger comfort, the luggage on the standard model I’m currently riding seems to be mounted half an inch too far forward, which has resulted in my significant other uncomfortably bumping their legs against it while riding. So if you’re planning a tour for two, take your partner on a test drive to make sure they don’t have the same problem.

Fun in the curves

KLIM Cheddar Gorge

Long-distance driving is all well and good, of course, but when I finish stints on toll roads and highways, I like to take turns. In this case, I want a bike that puts a smile on my face. Fortunately, the Africa Twin is delivering properly.

From Cheddar Gorge in Somerset (pictured above) to the tight turns of Scotland’s magnificent Quiraing, and even during the Sunday morning explosions in the Cotswolds, cycling was always fun when things got tough.

With highways in the exterior mirrors, it takes on the curves with agility and temperament, which seem to contradict its size and weight. Performance is doubly impressive given the large 21-inch front wheel, a trait that typically degrades on-road performance in favor of off-road capabilities, and the Honda engineering team has managed to strike the right balance.

Off-road skills

When I started riding the Africa Twin I have to admit that I was a little off-road newbie. And while seasoned trail riders would probably turn up their noses at the idea, I mainly developed my newfound skills and confidence on the two big Hondas, which says something about the bike’s performance.

From learning the basics at the Honda Adventure Center under the watchful eyes of Dave Thorpe, to going greenlaning trips on knotty, rutted trails, the Africa Twin excelled, especially the lighter standard model that would be my pick if I’m off the road on a regular basis Hobby.

The standing position is natural, comfortable, and I’ve spent hours traveling back in time with no discomfort from my knees or arms. While it’s a large 1,100cc adventure bike, it also keeps its weight relatively low, making low-speed maneuvers and paddling through ruts easier than you’d expect.

Particularly noteworthy is the double clutch transmission (DCT) from Honda, which came into its own on my first excursion into the terrain at the Honda Adventure Center. Those new to trail riding will know how confusing shifting gears while standing up can be, but DCT allowed me to focus fully on shifting my weight through the pegs and choosing the right line while I was doing it could still override with the paddles located on the left switchgear when I wanted more control.

Technology on the Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin 2020

The technology of an adventure bike may be a controversial topic in some circles and I can quickly tell when it is not well integrated, but I am very impressed with the range of electronic aids on the Africa Twin.

As an iPhone fan, I particularly liked the Apple CarPlay integration, which was a revelation (for other smartphone users there is also Android Connect). By synchronizing the bike with my phone and a bluetooth headset, I can control the songs I hear on Spotify, control my route on Google Maps (helpful projected onto the large TFT in front of me) and even take calls. from the left switchgear.

There are also six driver modes, including two fully customizable, seven-level traction control, wheelie control, the ability to change engine braking, and cruise control, all come standard. While this may seem like a lot, the biggest compliment I can give is that they hardly affect the driving experience until called upon when things get a little out of shape.

The x factor

Honda Africa Twin

Finally, there is one unquantifiable quality that I want to address. It’s an X-Factor that every bike owner is looking for, and I think the Africa Twin has it in abundance. Whenever I swing my leg over the saddle, it seems to be speaking to the deep seated part of my mind, body, or soul that is responsible for my love of two wheels.

Whether it’s the aggressive styling ready to take over with the world, or the throaty exhaust that echoes off the red stone walls of the Cotswold villages, I was damned lucky to end up calling the Africa Twin “mine” to be able to 2 years.

Test the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin yourself

APR Founder Alun has long spoken about motorcycling being an affair of the heart, not of the head, and there is no doubt that Honda’s Africa Twin has a direct line to mine. Whether this also applies to you is a question that only a visit to your local dealer and an afternoon in the saddle can answer.

Find one near you and discover a range of summer savings now available on the Africa Twin Honda’s website today.

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