R1200GS High beam switch issues

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Title: R1200GS High beam switch issues
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Published Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 19:55:55 +0000
  1. My new R1200GS had a problem with the ‘high beam’ switch. You could ‘flash’ the high beam but when put in the high position you only had the low beam on. You could put a little pressure on the switch and the high beam would work but stopped as soon as you removed your finger. The dealer ordered a new switch and the replacement had the same issue.
    For grins and giggles I disassembled the switch to see if it there was a way to fix the existing switch and found a simple solution to fix this issue. The ‘high beam’ switch is just that – a small 1/2 inch diameter cylinder switch with a sealed push button on the top. This switch fits into a small cylinder recess in the switch housing and plastic ‘rocker’ snaps over the push button. On top of this is plastic ‘Switch Rocker’ that you see on the control and this is secured by two ‘tabs’ molded into the control housing. The problem with this design is that the tolerances for the 1/2 inch diameter cylinder switch and the recess in which it fits are apparently very small. If the switch sits too far into the recess it will not activate when the rocker is set to the ‘high beam’ position. This is the issue I had with my switch assembly. I carefully lifter out cylinder switch and placed a small thin plastic washer in the recess which raised the push button switch up slightly and now when the rocker is set to ‘high beam’ it activates the push button switch.
    If anyone has this issue and cannot make the repair from this description let me know and I will take my switch apart and put together a set of photos to describe the process.
  2. My R1200 is doing the same thing. I think I’ll let the dealer deal with it.
  3. Just as another data point, so far, so good on mine. 2200 miles.
    Excellent solution. If mine develops the problem, I will attempt what you describe.
  4. I was going to do the same thing but when the replacement switch (which required 3 weeks to arrive at the dealer) had the same issue I decided not to wait for BMW to come up with a solution………. Once BMW admits to the problem and we get a recall I will probably have the dealer replace my left side control – unless of course BMW’s solution is the same as mine πŸ˜‰
    keith in alaska said:
  5. Thanks for the info. Dealer said they would be happy to order a new switch but until BMW is made aware of the problem it will be the same. I suppose I should let them replace it so at least BMW will see re-occurring switch replacements and maybe get a handle on the problem. I’ll probably do that and then modify the new one.
  6. Same thing hapened to mine after 2500mi, the switch was ordered and came in a 2 days later.Don the tech at BMW Detroit Installed it while I waited.

  7. Did mine Saturday – it’s kind of a pain getting it apart – requires 7 and 8 torx bits. Once the control is freed from the handlebar, watch out for the #7 torx screw buried under the silver BMW part label, at least mine was hidden there. The amount of shimming under the switch is just a little bit. I tried a small rubber o-ring of the right diameter but it was too much. Wound up with just a couple of thicknesses of tape underneath and like magic my high beam works perfectly!

  8. my brother had a dealer do his yesterday – had the bike 1 day and went to get it inspected and it failed because lack of high beams. told dealer about your post, he did it, fixed it, and passed it.
  1. First set was flaky out of the box, and fully failed after +- 1000 miles. It was replaced by dealer. About 1000 miles on my second switch, and it has developed flakiness too – it’ll stay on for a while, but if I somehow put the slightest of pressure (without clicking it back to the ‘off’ position), it cuts out. If I ride for a while, it’ll come off on its own (due to bumpiness in the road, most likely).
  2. Mine has same issue. High beam comes on momentarily but won’t stay on unless you hold it with your thumb… May give your solution a try today.
    Hey Craig..
    I took my bike in this week to pick up my top case. Steve at BMW Fresno replaced the switch for a new one.. only took a few minutes. He talked as though BMW has resolved the problem and has made new switches now. They just take the whole top end off the switch box and replace it.

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