A neck gaiter for all seasons

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Title: A neck gaiter for all seasons
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Published Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 08:30:05 +0000

I began planning my 2,600 mile drive from Portland to Yellowstone, northwest to Glacier National Park, across the tip of the US to Seattle, and then back to Portland in March. I knew from experience that temperatures can range from 105 degrees at noon in the valleys to 30 degrees in the early morning on Beartooth Mountain in Montana. I was more concerned with staying cool than figuring out how to keep warm in the early hours of the morning. I discovered the new rise Tek Sok neck gaiter and decided to try it out.

Klim Tek Sok Rating: UVPThe specifications state that it consists of a patented moisture-wicking, chemical-free cooling fabric. The Klim Tek Sok is a very light 9.5 x 20 inch tube made of stretch material that is available in four graphic designs. However, it took me a while to figure out all of the benefits.

I applied it every morning for four days and just forgot about it. It kept my neck warmer than nothing on the cool mornings. In the afternoon, it prevented the over 100-degree air from blowing directly onto my neck – especially my carotid arteries. When my riding partner and I were standing in a parking lot in Glacier and waiting for the sunrise, mosquitoes began to swarm around us. I pulled my Tek Sok over my head to protect my face from the flying insects – it worked. My partner threw on his helmet and closed the shield. He was still bitten on the neck, but I wasn’t. Use # 1: mosquito net.

Klim Tek sock in the test: RRP

It was scorching hot that afternoon. At a gas station, I took a swig from my water bottle and used the rest to soak the Klim Tek Sok with water. To my surprise, the Tek Sok stayed wet to damp for over two hours at 100 degrees and 75 mph wind, so my neck felt comfortably cool. Although it dries quickly when laid flat, it retains moisture for hours when it is laced around the neck. Use # 2: Evaporative Neck Cooler.

The following week I drove the Ultimate motorcycling Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Bike from Los Angeles to Portland along the coast. The Oregon coast was in the low 50s and I wore a full airflow adventure helmet. The helmet is made for warmer conditions where maximized airflow is a good thing. In this case, however, my teeth started chattering. I pulled the Tek Sok gaiter over my head, mosquito repellent type, and put my helmet back on. The difference was remarkable and much appreciated. I went from chattering teeth to being comfortable. Then I was able to enjoy the view of the coast instead of thinking about ways to warm up. Use # 3: helmet cover.

When I ride it in the dirt, it’s an easy-to-breathe, hold-in cloth that covers my nose and mouth. Use # 4: bandana.

The Klim Tek Sok gaiter is now on my neck when I drive. I know I’ll find more uses for this, and at $ 22, it’s a handy piece of equipment. I plan to make it a stocking filler for several of my motorcycle friends.

Klim Tek Sok Fast Facts

  • Sizes: one size
  • Colors: Digital Swarm; Living fracture; Statics; Bergfade (tested)

Klim Tek Sok Price: $ 22 MSRP

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