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2022 Honda CRF125F ferris wheel

2022 Honda CRF125F ferris wheel

2022 Honda CRF125FB Ferris Wheel: SIZE IS EVERYTHING.

Introducing the 2022 Honda CRF125FB Ferris Wheel …

You would never run a marathon or play basketball if your shoes were too small. So why ride a bike that doesn’t fit? This is exactly why we offer the CRF125F Big Wheel: Because we know that a 125cc is the right size for some riders, even if they are a little bigger. The whole concept is to offer a machine that is tailored to both the ability and height of a driver.

We’ll start with our CRF125F and add a longer swingarm and larger diameter wheels. This increases the seat height by five centimeters and is therefore more suitable for taller drivers. Honda’s proven single-cylinder engine is fuel-injected for more power and better running in cold weather and at high altitudes. There’s also a four-speed gearbox and double-spar steel frame, plus plenty of suspension travel for a comfortable ride. You even get an electric starter and some sharp new graphics this year! Big or small, everyone deserves to have fun. And the Honda CRF125F Big Wheel is the right size for fun.

Honda’s hugely popular mid-size trail bike, the CRF125F, is available in both standard and big wheel versions, with the latter making it an ideal option for taller riders with larger wheels, longer travel and a higher seat. Both versions make learning to drive a breeze, especially since they require minimal maintenance, thanks in part to Keihin’s electronic fuel injection, which offers 50-state off-road legality all year round. The CRF125F and CRF125F Big Wheel, with their optics based on the CRF Performance line, offer years of recreational fun while trail riding.

2022 Honda CRF125FB ferris wheel Totalmotorcycle.com Key Features


  • The 124.9 cc SOHC engine returns with smooth, linear power delivery.
  • Electronically controlled Keihin fuel injection system. FI delivers linear and instantaneous performance for controllable delivery at all points in the performance band.
  • The four-speed gearbox is well matched to the wide power spread.
  • The electric starter makes starting child’s play, including a kickstart backup.


  • CRF125F and CRF125F Big Wheel have seat heights of 29.1 “and 30.9” respectively.
  • CRF125F has wheel sizes of 17 and 14 inches at the front and rear. CRF125F Big Wheel has 19 and 16 inch wheels.
  • The double-spar steel frame with a robust design, inspired by the frame architecture of the CRF Performance Line, offers the right balance of stiffness and flexibility for trail bike comfort.
  • 1 gallon steel fuel tank with integrated fuel pump and fuel filter. The handlebars low fuel indicator will illuminate when 0.2 gallons remain. Frame design shields the tank in the event of a fall.
  • Modern bodywork and graphics correspond to the styling of the CRF Performance Line.
  • Handlebar-mounted multi-function switch with starter button, ignition key on indicator, fuel injection system status and low fuel indicator.
  • Half-waffle handles are small in circumference for a good fit with small hands.
  • The front brake lever is adjustable to work with different hand sizes.
  • The 31 mm fork ensures soft front suspension.
  • Pro-Link® rear suspension design with a sophisticated single shock absorber for smooth action.
  • Gentle braking power thanks to the hydraulic front wheel brake with 220 mm rotor and 95 mm drum brake at the rear.
  • Meets CARB and EPA off-road emissions standards. (Green sticker compliant in California.)

Honda offers a sturdy range of Green Sticker Compliant Dirt Bikes CRF450X, CRF-F Trail Families are California approved for 2022 off-road use

Honda continues to offer a range of dirt bike models that meet the California Air Resources Board’s new emissions standards for off-highway vehicles for model year 2022 and later. CARB’s updated rules eliminate the sale of new red stickers from model year 2022 onwards. Off-highway vehicles from model year 2022 that do not conform to the green sticker are not allowed to operate in California SVRAs.

The 2022 CRF450X, announced last March, continues to qualify for a green sticker and is legal to drive at SVRAs all year round. This popular model is suitable for trail riding and is of such a high level that it is also capable of competition, with 14 wins in the Baja 1000, including the last six editions.

In addition, the entire CRF Trail family – CRF50F, CRF110F, CRF125F and CRF250F – remain Green Sticker compliant. The street-legal CRF450RL is also legal for use in California SVRAs.

“Given CARB’s changing regulations, we’ve heard from a number of customers who have concerns about riding their dirt bikes in public areas in California, but many Honda models are already Green Sticker compliant,” said Brandon Wilson, manager of Sports & Experience at American Honda. “We have shifted our off-road line in this direction in recent years, which enables us to offer one of the more extensive product ranges in the powersports industry of Green Sticker-compliant models. Equipping off-highway vehicles with the necessary clean running technology is not always easy, but it is an important contribution to environmental protection and the beauty of public driving areas. “

Honda’s range of Green Sticker Compliant Powersports products is not limited to two-wheeler models, as many Honda ATVs and side-by-side vehicles can also be used in California’s public off-road areas year-round.

2022 Honda CRF125FB ferris wheel Totalmotorcycle.com Features and Benefits

The CRF125F Big Wheel’s reliable four-stroke, single cylinder engine offers good performance with a wide range of horsepower – perfect for a wide variety of riders, including beginners. The fuel injection makes it even better and more efficient.

Honda’s high-performance clutch is durable and contributes to smooth shifting.

The four-speed transmission is like a large motorcycle, giving your younger rider the control they need.

Less experienced riders are tough on equipment, especially when they’re just starting out. That’s why we gave the CRF125F Big Wheel a strong double-spar steel frame and swingarm that are designed to cope with the bumps and dents of off-road driving.

Another benefit of equipping the CRF125F Big Wheel with fuel injection? Now it even meets California’s stringent CARB emissions standards for off-road motorcycles – good news for everyone.

The front disc brake offers superior stopping power, with the front disc rotor drilled for ease and better performance in wet weather.

Riders can be tough with the equipment and handling spills is a natural part of learning. But the CRF125F Big Wheel can handle it: with sturdy plastic fenders, tank, and other bodies, the CRF125F Big Wheel is designed to ignore the tiny dents in the real world. We’ve also updated the graphics this year!

The start at the push of a button makes it easy to get started in all conditions and the efficient design ensures minimal weight.

For added security, you can use the key ignition switch to control who drives when, which is important when you have younger drivers in the house.

The maintenance-free sealed battery helps keep your CRF125F Big Wheel ready to drive when you are.

2022 Honda CRF125FB Ferris Wheel – Totalmotorcycle.com USA specifications / technical details
US MSRP price: from $ 3,649 USD
Canada MSRP Price: $ 4449 CDN
Europe / Great Britain RRP Price: £ GBP (On The Road incl. 20% VAT)
model CRF125F CRF125F ferris wheel
Type 124.9 cc air-cooled 25 ° single cylinder four-stroke
Valve train SOHC; 2 valves
Bore x stroke 52.4 mm x 57.9 mm
compression ratio 9.0: 1
induction Fuel injection system; 22 mm throttle bore
ignition Fully transistorized
Starter E-starter / kick at the push of a button
transmission Rewind with constant mesh at 4 speeds; Manual
coupling Multiplate wet
Final drive # 420 chain; 13T / 46T # 420 chain; 13T / 49T


31 mm conventional telescopic coil spring

Fork; 5.2 in. 5.9 in. Stroke

31 mm conventional telescopic coil spring fork; 6.7

Inch stroke

back Pro-Link system with single shock absorber; 5.5 in Pro-Link system with single shock absorber; 6.6 inch travel
front Hydraulic; single 220 mm disc
back Mechanical 95 mm feed drum
front 70 / 100-17 with tube 70 / 100-19 with tube
back 90 / 100-14 with tube 90 / 100-16 with tube
Rake (caster angle) 27.5 °
path 81 mm 94 mm
length 69.7 in 73.1 in
broad 29.1 in 30.3 in
height 39.4 in 42.1 in
Ground clearance 8.3 in 10.3 in
Seat height 29.1 in 30.9 in
wheelbase 48.0 in 49.4 in
Fuel capacity 1.0 gallon.
colour Red
Empty weight * 194 pounds. 199 pounds.
2022 Honda CRF125FB Ferris Wheel – Totalmotorcycle.com Canada Specifications / Technical Details

Engine & powertrain
Engine type Air-cooled single cylinder
Cubic capacity 125 cc
Bore & stroke 52.4 mm x 57.9 mm
Compression ratio 9: 1
Valve train SOHC; two valves
Fuel supply PGM-FI electronic fuel injection with 22 mm throttle body
4-speed gearbox with manual clutch
Final drive # 428 chain, 13T / 49T
Chassis & suspension
Front suspension 31 mm leading axle Showa fork; 151 mm (5.9 in) travel
Rear suspension Pro-Link® Showa single shock absorber; 168 mm (6.6 in) travel
Dimensions & additional information
Front tire: 70 / 100-19
Back: 90 / 100-16
Front brakes: 220 mm disc
Back: drum
Ground clearance 260 mm (10.2 in)
Seat height 785 mm (30.9 inches)
Wheelbase 1,255 mm (49.4 in)
Empty weight 90 kg (198 lb.) including fluids and full gasoline tank – ready to drive
Fuel capacity 3.7 liters, 0.7 liters reserve
Color extreme red
Guarantee 6 months, unlimited mileage, freely transferable guarantee; extended coverage available with Honda Plus

2022 Honda CRF125FB Ferris Wheel – Totalmotorcycle.com European specifications / technical details

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