2022 Honda CB500 Lineup First Look (8 Quick Facts + 32 Photos)

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Title: 2022 Honda CB500 Lineup First Look (8 Quick Facts + 32 Photos)
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2022 Honda CB500 family

Honda has released a first look at the 2022 Honda CB500 range – the CB500F bare standard, the CB500X adventure motorcycle, and the faired CBR500R sport bike. The three CB500 already share many parts and enjoy matching upgrades, at least in Europe. Let’s check out the new goodies.

Honda CB500 lineup 2022: CBR500R

  1. The CB500s get the same Showa SFF-BP 41mm inverted fork like the CB650R and CBR650R. Replacing the old standard fork with these ingenious units should have a clearly positive effect on handling. The all-terrain CB500X and the sportier CBR500R should benefit the most from the benefits of a sturdier fork assembly.
  1. Double discs replace the old single-disc brake system. Check out these radially mounted Nissin calipers and 296mm washers. This improved braking effect goes well with the improved fork.
  1. The 2022 Honda CB500F and CBR500R get a new front wheel. In both 17-inch models, the new wheel is a Y-spoke aluminum design that saves weight. The adventure-ready 19-inch front wheel of the CB500X remains unchanged.

Honda CB500 lineup 2022: CB500F

  1. The three CB500 are equipped with a new swing arm. According to Honda, the 2022 swing arm will be lighter, more flexible on the sides and stiffer in terms of rotation. An insider tells us the change will “improve handling and cornering performance.”
  1. There are new EFI settings for euros, where the A2 performance regulations apply. The power reaches the maximum of 45 hp. However, the engine now delivers more torque.
  1. Honda gave us an insight into the sales of the CB500 in Europe. Almost half of the buyers get the CB500F, almost a third the CB500X. The CBR500R makes up the remainder of sales – about 18 percent.

Honda CB500 lineup 2022: CB500X

  1. There are many new colors for the 2022 Honda CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R. At the start, all three models are available in Grand Prix Red – a good start. The CB500F is also available in Pearl Smoky Gray, Mat Axis Gray Metallic and Pearl Dusk Yellow. The CB500X and CBR500R are available in Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, with CB500X buyers also having access to Pearl Organic Green. Yes, Honda uses “mat” instead of “mat”.
  1. We don’t know if these changes will apply in the United States in the 2022s. Sometimes the updates happen at the same time, e.g. B. at Honda Grom last year, and at other times we have to wait an additional year, as in the case of the Honda monkey. We can tell you: sooner is better than later!

We tested them Honda CB500F, CB500X, and CBR500R.

2022 Honda CB500 Lineup Photo Gallery

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