Is this throttle the best alternative to cruise control?

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Title: Is this throttle the best alternative to cruise control?
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Published Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 10:47:05 +0000

Here, at APR We are big fans of cruise control. Sure, the presence of tech on an adventure bike might not be for everyone, but when you spend long days touring in the saddle, you can sit back, relax, and let the bike do the work on highways and toll roads is a welcome luxury.

Plus for some drivers, including APR Editor James, resting the gas hand can be more of a need than a desire. Repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain on long distance trips, among other things, and taking a break every half hour or so isn’t enough when the countdown is on to get to your ferry on time.

However, not everyone has a cruise control, there is one ATLAS throttle lock After hours of riding the electronic cruise control and the ATLAS, we think it is one of the best alternative approaches to the problem, with a design specifically made for the rotary throttle on motorcycles.

What is it and how does it work?

Atlas throttle body

The ATLAS Throttle Lock fits on every handlebar set and is simply clipped onto your right throttle grip. While driving, you can press an easy-to-find button with your thumb to activate the device, which will then hold your throttle in any position you leave it.

Of course, in order to ensure the safety of the drivers, the ATLAS does not completely block your gas. Instead, it is based on a friction lining that rests against the throttle body.

While this is safe enough to hold the throttle in place and maintain a set throttle position while driving, it can also be overridden simply by turning the right handle manually if you are slowing down quickly or adjusting your speed while driving need a long time. It can also be fully disengaged with a simple push of a button.

The advantages of this are obvious. If your bike is not equipped with cruise control, a throttle lock is an inexpensive and easy way to give your right hand a break on long distance tours and road trips without resorting to expensive optional additional brochures from your manufacturer. And if you’re lucky enough to have more than one bike in your garage, the ATLAS invention can also be carried over from bike to bike in around five minutes.

How did that happen?

While they were sitting in a tent during a thunderstorm New Zealand American RTW motorcycle travelers David and Heidi Winters had a flash of inspiration on the great South Island. David had used a handlebar throttle lock (essentially a manual cruise control) so he could relax his injured hand on his 15 month trip after breaking his wrist.

He found the design awkward, however, as he tried to engage it with his little finger at 110 km / h or pull the clutch while slowing down and briefly turn the power off, not ideal when traffic was nearby. He believed that without the luxury of factory-installed cruise control, drivers needed a safer, more practical solution for cruising the open road.

Inspired by finding their own solution and desperate to alleviate David’s discomfort, the couple worked late into the night sketching a new design that is easy to turn on and off and has a few more features to add to life to make it a bit more comfortable in the saddle. Shortly thereafter, the ATLAS Throttle Lock was born.

Atlas throttle lock

The ATLAS Throttle Lock was developed by experienced adventure bikers for adventure bikers and is a kit that many two-wheelers will find useful on future trips.

Find out more at the ATLAS website, or see Throttle Lock in action below.

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